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Our Mission

To ensure Caregivers and Patients are Informed, Empowered and Connected for Better Management of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Our Objectives


  • Provide information to Caregivers, Patients, Hospitals, Schools and other involved Institutions about TSC
  • Increase Knowledge and Sensitize Society, Friends, And Family of Patients on TSC
  • Syndicate news on the latest and greatest news about treatments, medicines, and research across the globe


  • Educate Caregivers and Patients about management of TSC
  • Organize Events, Seminars for Knowledge exchange with professionals
  • Create toolkits for use in management of TSC


  • Create a support system in form of online networks and city chapters to share experiences and TSC management best practices
  • Network with other TSC groups in the world for exchange of information regarding research, treatments, and medicines
  • Provide a platform for Caregivers and Patients to connect with doctors, hospitals, and medical researchers to exchange experiences, ideas and information

Meet Our Team

Shoba Shrivastava
Shoba ShrivastavaTrustee
Ms. Shoba Srivastava is a parent of a young man with autism. She is one of founder trustees of SOPAN NGO in Mumbai. She has a degree in Special Education with a post graduate degree in education. She has worked with children with autism and other disabilities. As a parent, her experiences with working with her child have helped her working with other children with autism.
Noby Joseph
Noby JosephTrustee
Noby is a parent of TSC Child. He has extensively interacted with several world-class doctors & hospitals and acquired significant knowledge and perspective on treatments for TSC.
Dr Pradnya Gadgil
Dr Pradnya GadgilTrustee
Dr. Pradnya Gadgil is a Pediatric Neurologist at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. She is passionate about management of surgically remediable epilepsies in children, such as cortical dysplasias, epilepsies resulting from gliotic scars, etc. This is a subgroup of potentially treatable epilepsies in what is otherwise a chronic and significantly life style limiting disease.
Rohit Nath
Rohit NathTrustee
Rohit is a parent of a TSC child. He has interacted with several families and care takers of individuals affected by TSC especially in India with main focus on setting up and expanding the TSC support group in India.
Rahul Vipparthi
Rahul VipparthiTrustee
Rahul is a parent of a child with TSC. He has more than 20 years of strong functional experience across key areas of business. Demonstrated expertise in product development, strategy, technology, business development, communications, and marketing.